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Career Advice Apr 11 2012

How to Make Your Old Boss Want You Back

When you've given two weeks notice at your current job, you may think you can lay back and just coast before joining your next employer. Don't. Those last two weeks can be critical to ensuring you leave on good terms with your reputation intact.

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Career Advice Mar 29 2012

When Your Career Needs a Plan B, Try Sales

An expertise in sales can provide a feeling of safety in a tight labor market, teach fundamental skills like fundraising, or in some cases allow job changers to remain connected to their original fields of interest.

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Career Advice Mar 27 2012

How to Use Pinterest to Sell Your Brand

Pinterest, the popular social photo sharing website fashioned around the age old concept of the pinboard, has become a valuable tool for marketers, who are using it to connect with consumers, drive traffic and increase brand awareness

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Career Advice Mar 07 2012

More Companies Post Jobs via Smartphones

Corporate recruiters have been slow to adapt their online strategies for the mobile revolution.

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Career Advice Mar 01 2012

Pinterest Experience Required for Social Media Jobs

Rapid growth has led more employers to require experience with the photo-sharing site.

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Career Advice Feb 02 2012

Twentysomethings Use Super Bowl to Boost Careers

When Dannon decided to spend $3.5 million to air its first Super Bowl commercial, it chose an unusual way to create it. The use of crowdsourcing is opening doors for new, young talent that may never had had a chance to land jobs the traditional way on Madison Avenue.

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Career Advice Jan 20 2012

The Perils and Pluses of the Off-Script Resume

Because print resumes literally stack up, standing out in today's competitive market can be even more challenging.

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Career Advice Dec 02 2011

Doing 'Good' With an MBA

At first blush, it looks as though M.B.A.s aren't doing much "good" upon graduation. But these days, the numbers don't tell the whole story.

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Career Advice Nov 08 2011

Commission Sales Jobs Attract New Graduates

Pressured by high unemployment, more college graduates are moving into into commission sales, hawking knives and insurance. This week, the Journal explores the tough job market for Americans 25 and under.

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Career Advice Nov 04 2011

Do You Really Want a Job at Groupon?

At a time when daily deal start-ups are popping up and expiring like digital coupons, career opportunities in the business seem riskier than ever. Job seekers need to thoroughly understand a company's business model before signing on.

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